Working to make New Jersey a better place to live,
with safer, more enjoyable ways to bicycle and walk.

The New Jersey Bicycle Coalition formed in April 2009 as a bicycle advocacy organization.  We felt that there was not a single, statewide advocacy voice in New Jersey, representing the rights of bicyclists on our roads, streets and trails.  There had been other efforts in the past at creating such a voice, but they had not succeeded on a state-wide basis.  The organization held New Jersey’s first state bicycle summit in Denville, NJ, in February 2009, gathering approximately 100 advocates, public officials and planners to discuss the problems facing bicyclists in the state.

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Our members include bicyclists and walkers from Ringwood to Cape May.  We also welcome clubs, advocacy groups, and local, regional and state agencies to join.  We are supported by a growing list of sponsors who share our goals.  We are affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking and Walking and support their goals.

In 2010, we changed our name to the New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition, as we realized that bicyclists and walkers share common problems and opportunities.  Both groups face an increasing threat from distracted drivers and many of our streets are inadequately designed or signed for biking and walking.  We feel there is a strong need for a law requiring motorists to give bicyclists and pedestrians a specified margin of safety when passing them on the road (the Three-Foot Law), and a state-wide Complete Streets Law is another step that the state should consider.

We are working to:

  • PROTECT the rights and safety of New Jersey bicyclists and walkers
  • PROMOTE bicycling and walking for fun, fitness, and transportation
  • EDUCATE bicyclists, walkers, and drivers about our rights and responsibilities
  • CONNECT our communities with a smarter transportation system

NJBWC strongly supports a New Jersey state law requiring motorists to either wait to pass bicyclists and walkers safely or to allow them at least three feet of clearance when passing.  When this law is passed, we also support a campaign to educate our citizens about the rights of walkers and pedestrians.  Over 20 other states have passed similar laws.  It is time for New Jersey to follow their lead.

The Coalition also advocates the passage of a statewide Complete Streets law, requiring counties and municipalities to plan for the needs of all users when designing new infrastructure projects.  This would include walkers, bicyclists, the handicapped, mass transit users, as well as motorists.  We also strongly support national programs such as Safe Routes to School and livable communities.

We are a collective voice for everyone who believes that a safer, more rideable and walkable New Jersey means a more livable, sustainable New Jersey.  None of this is possible without your support. Please become a member today. 

Remember that all contributions to NJBWC are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law as we are a 501c3 charitable organization.

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